Subsidy regulations

There are all kinds of rules and regulations linked to subsidies. As a subsidised organisation you need to follow up on these rules  and regulations, the so-called compliance. But at PSCO, we know that this is heavy going for many companies and organisations, and it’s often something they don’t look forward to or can even get stuck in.


In such cases, it can be useful to hire an expert who ensures that the administrative accountability of your subsidy meets the stipulated regulations. This will take the pressure off of you and your employees and ensures that your administrative handling is in accordance with the regulation.

PSCO Support

  • Implementing rules and legislation related to your subsidy project.
  • Advice on how the subsidy can be accounted for in a risk-averse and efficient manner.
  • Making your administration grant-proof.
  • Support in being compliant to national and European subsidy regulations during and upon completion of your project(s).
  • Advising and testing tender procedures and market conformity.