During a subsidy project, administrative handling is a precarious case. When audited by an accountant or subsidiary, all expenses declared in the financial report must always be traceable in your administration. This requires an overview of the project, as well as a thorough subsidy administration and knowledge of the drafting of such financial statements.


PSCO supports organisations that don’t or insufficiently possess this knowledge themselves or don’t have enough manpower to set up solid accountability reports. This will prevent unnecessary additional work pressure and / or subsequent expenditure.

PSCO support

  • Setting up a subsidy administration that’s compliant with the stipulated regulations.
  • Handling of your subsidy administration.
  • Compilation of financial reports (both during and at the end of the project).
  • Calculating hourly rates and preparing cost models.
  • Executing complete subsidy project management, from set up to implementation.
  • Project management of H2020 projects.