My name is Patricia Smits, financial subsidy management expert with over 15 years of experience in the field of national and European subsidies.

With PSCO (Patricia Smits Comply & Organise) I support businesses and organisations with advice on the administrative conditions and stipulations associated with subsidy schemes. Within the field of subsidies, I have great knowledge of the regulations regarding national and European subsidies and I’m an expert in, for example, drafting financial reports needed to account for expenses related to obtained subsidies and grants.

I have a passion for sifting through the regulations and responsibilities that come with the process after a subsidy has been granted. Because obtaining a subsidy is one thing, but setting up an administration that meets all the requirements set by the subsidiary can often be an arduous process. I will identify the pain points in your organisation and provide the right solutions for them. With PSCO you are guaranteed of an expert on subsidy management and accountability who is committed to the matter and who is trustworthy and loyal.

What I do

Congratulations! The subsidy application for your business or organisation has been approved. However, the subsidiary will demand that the expenditure of the subsidy can be accounted for and will meet the stipulated regulations. Unfortunately, this is a process not many organisations are properly prepared for and even can get stuck in. For example, consider the extra administrative hassle employees have to deal with or the lack of knowledge of certain rules and conditions.

Are you certain that your organisation can meet all the requirements set for the subsidy? PSCO can advise you on and support you with the handling of these stipulations. PSCO offers different options, including audits in the field of subsidy administration which will provide advice and recommendations on the compliance to rules and legislation of the subsidy. But it’s also possible to have PSCO take on the entire subsidy management, from implementation to execution.

Want to find out more about the options? Take a look at PSCO’s services.

Experienced in the following subsidy programmes

Vision and mission

PSCO wants to help you get the accountability of your project right. Together, we can prevent declarations from being disapproved and ensure that your company or organisation is compliant to all obligations related to the subsidy.

“Never again!” is what organisations often say after a subsidy project has been completed. This is completely unnecessary according to PSCO. Businesses and organisations often underestimate the amount of work and the number of rules they encounter after obtaining a subsidy. But it would be a shame to refrain from applying for a subsidy just because of the administrative work and regulations that come with it. PSCO gladly offers a helping hand in dealing with subsidy stipulations.

By helping organisations with the implementation of their subsidy accountability, PSCO prevents your administration from not being approved or for certain expenses to not be included in a declaration. By analysing your organisation and arranging your administration in the correct way, we make sure that these things won’t happen. PSCO can also show you that the regulations on subsidies don’t have to be a burden, but that they are just a logical consequence. By working together to bring the project to a good end, we will be able to look back on it with a positive feeling.


With over 15 years of experience, PSCO has plenty of knowledge of a wide range of subsidy schemes for various organisations, administrative as well as consulting.

There are many different schemes within the world of subsidies, and they all require specific accountability and applied knowledge on national and European laws and regulations, in other words: compliance.

In recent years, PSCO has provided financial reports and financial subsidy management for various organisations. These include monitoring and supervising report deadlines, project changes, financial and administrative accountability and the valuation of the balance and monitoring advance payments.

Equally important, however, is the administrative implementation of a subsidy project: the organisational side of the project. PSCO is experienced in carrying out audits and checks on subsidy administrations, but also in supporting its implementation. And this not only applies to subsidy schemes, but also to, for example, the tax regime for research and development of the WBSO (Promotion of Research and Development Act).

PSCO, as an in-house consultant, also has experience in project management of H2020 projects on behalf of the project coordinator.